A long list of Every Little Thing Ive Heard Bout Keanu Reeves Girl Coz I Cant Allow This Proceed.

Last night, we delivered the bittersweet news that Keanu Reeves appears to have a sweetheart, after this individual and someone comprise identified keeping fingers at a red carpet party in Los Angeles. Just in case you for reasons uknown dont realize why this is bittersweet, it’s sweet for Keanu who many of us love and who has got a tough existence therefores sorrowful for all of us because WE-ALL LOVE KEANU.

Ahem. At any rate, the girl under consideration is 46-year-old musician Alexandra offer, that appeared to be happy without a doubt as signing up for Keanu at said show.

Real impression of exactly how smug i might hunt easily am possessing arms with Keanu Reeves. Loan: Stefanie Keenan / Getty Imagery for LACMA

And exactly why wouldnt you generally be? The person was a delight. But Ive done some investigating and located down that unfortunately for everybody envious bitches, Alexandra also looks like a delight.

Heres the thing I exposed:

1. No, the woman is definitely not Helen Mirren

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20,000 commentary on the history the other day were like lol happens to be dat helen mirren lol. Uncanny to imagine that more any particular one woman worldwide may attractive and hobby grey tresses! But Im right here to share with you its possible. Its gone wrong. It’s not Helen Mirren, its Alexandra aid. A completely age-appropriate woman for 55-year-old Keanu staying dating.

Pictured: Not Really Helen Mirren. Credit: Axelle / Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic

2. Alexandra allow is actually proficient.

As anyone who has possibly one (1) skills in this world (Im good at discovering exactly what clothes TV figures were wearing and purchasing all of them for myself personally to wear in real life), Im notably compromised by Alexandra give, who has got lots of skills. The regularly Mail told me past that Alexandra is a graphic singer, and that I went on Instagram for confirmation. Here it is!

The Mail says she creates work with sources such sculpture, painting, bringing, and video, which legally make the lady a multi-talent so I dread it. But Im satisfied for Keanu! *eye twitches*

3. obtained worked on more than thumping uglies

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I mentioned people this past, but Keanu and Alexandra have got understood one another for a long time, and worked with each other on two products of poetry which Keanu published (without a doubt they achieved, swoon) together2night is it safe and Alexandra illustrated in 2011 and 2016. And also they posses a publishing residence collectively referred to as by creators magazines, which on the internet site claims really purchased making thoughtful, top-notch, artist-centred literature that are great for within and between genres.

Keanu and Alex at a celebration platonically! in 2016. Account: David M. Benett / Dave Benett / Getty Images

4. Keanu and Alexandra have now been going out with for months

As a person that reckoned maybe I would date Keanu Reeves eventually, this important medicine try a difficult someone consume. Men and women are quoting a resource that claims which few started matchmaking early this present year, but I have were going to maintain it quiet. The LACMA event about week end gotnt their unique very first general public look either, with paparazzi breaks I stumbled upon in another day-to-day email facts (but couldnt manage to purchase) exhibiting them possessing palms at in Summer with the Saint-Laurent Mens early spring summer time 20 in Malibu, including posing making use of life around oneself in May inside the MOCA perks 2019 in California.

5. Keanu has become all set community.

The exact same men and women information in addition claims that if period of maintaining they regarding DL, Keanu at this point wants to display their lady-love around town. And why wouldnt one, prefer is fantastic! And she actually is great. The source says: Keanu desires to freely share his own being together. She’s very delighted and thankful having Alex within his living.

Pictured: a couple SWEET PEOPLE IN ROMANCE. Assets: Taylor Hill / Getty Images

Okay its actually in excess. No one is entitled to be happy over Keanu, a literal real angel in the world.

6. He or she must love their

Daily send (Ive actually contributed to his or her every day site visitors prey, huh) highlights that Keanu hasn’t used a gf on a red-carpet, ever before. In reality, the sole female hes used as his or her go out to any such thing has become his or her mum or his own relative. So this is severe and I also concede destroy.